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Trusted Assessor Service

The service is run by Care Homes for Care Homes.

Care Homes have a duty to complete an assessment when a person has been admitted to hospital and is ready for discharge. This may be a person returning to their originating care home or a new placement into a care home. This assessment ensures the care home can meet that person’s needs.

Nationally there have been delays in discharge from hospital due to delays in this assessment, and the Trusted Assessor model is being introduced on a national scale as part of the High Impact Change Model to reduce Delayed Transfers of Care.

It is proposed to trial the Trusted Assessor model in Nottinghamshire. The Trusted Assessor will work within a hospital discharge team to facilitate discharges from hospitals to care homes.  The Trusted Assessor will undertake the assessments on behalf of the Nottinghamshire based care homes in South and Mid Nottinghamshire

The pilot scheme will operate out of Sherwood hospital and help Residents return back to their Care Homes more quickly.

The Association has employed an  Assessor who will work out of the hospital and get to know all the Care Homes that wish to participate.  They will be employed by a new holding company - NCA Operations - which is wholly owned by the Care Association

Here is a video produced by Hertfordshire Care Providers Association which explains how the scheme will work

For more information email us at enquiries@ncaoperations.org.uk