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A comprehensive appointee and money
management service for vulnerable individuals

    What Appointree can do for you:

    • Claim all of the benefits you are entitled to.
    • Look for other funding streams to increase your income.
    • Challenge any negative benefit decisions.
    • Complete all the claim forms and deal with letters.
    • Help you manage your household budget.
    • Help you manage your Direct Payments.
    • Tailor your service specific to your individual needs.

    “Our role is to support and not control, so it is vital that individuals and their families are properly informed about the specifics of the services provided.”

    Our aim is to simply fit in as part of the wider care team, to compliment the services that are already in place.  Appointree offer a range of different services, each bespoke to the needs of the individual, these include:

    • Caretaker – appointee services for individuals in hospital or residential care
    • Homemaker – appointee services for customers in supported living

    • Money Minder – Appointee and financial management services for vulnerable individuals.
    • Money Box – Appointee, financial management and debt advice services for vulnerable customers.

    • STS – Short term support service offers appointee and/or financial management for individuals with short term needs.
    • Mobility Matters – management and monitoring of mobility vehicles.

    • Direct Payments – Management and monitoring of the individual budget.
    • Appropriate Adult Services – To attend Police station or other formal hearing to support the detained person to ensure they know what is happening to them


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