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A comprehensive appointee and money
management service for vulnerable individuals

    What Appointree can do for you:

    • Claim all of the benefits you are entitled to.
    • Look for other funding streams to increase your income.
    • Challenge any negative benefit decisions.
    • Complete all the claim forms and deal with letters.
    • Help you manage your household budget.
    • Help you manage your Direct Payments.
    • Tailor your service specific to your individual needs.

    ‘A complete money management service for vulnerable individuals who need help and support to manage their financial affairs’

    Appointree has been developed as an enabling service. We aim to offer the appropriate level of assistance and intervention as required, whilst promoting as much independence as possible. Many of our customers reside in residential care homes or supported living schemes and require help claiming their benefit entitlement. Our comprehensive service ensures that individuals receive their maximum benefit entitlement and pay their bills on time. We are able to work with the individual to plan a realistic weekly household budget, empowering and supporting them to make decisions if appropriate.At Appointree we recognise that, whilst individuals may need help with daily money management tasks, our service does not override their rights and where possible, individuals have the right to access their money and decide how they wish to spend it.

    The Appointree package will be customised to the individual and our services have been designed to be flexible in order to reflect each particular need. Appointree is built on over 20 years experience in the benefits, advice and care industry and our portfolio continues to grow through personal recommendation.We work closely with Social Care and Health Departments, Primary Care Trusts, Care & Support agencies, families and the individual.

    Our unique financial support service is available across the UK, to any individual who needs help and advice with their financial affairs. Referrals can be made by social workers from Health and Community Services who may agree to fund the role or, alternatively, the service can be purchased by other organisations or by the individual themselves.

    Appointree is registered with The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) as a corporate personal appointed body (PAB). We offer a specialist service to individuals across the whole range of DWP benefits and also help clients manage their money in a wide range of circumstances to meet their individual needs.