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A comprehensive appointee and money
management service for vulnerable individuals

    What Appointree can do for you:

    • Claim all of the benefits you are entitled to.
    • Look for other funding streams to increase your income.
    • Challenge any negative benefit decisions.
    • Complete all the claim forms and deal with letters.
    • Help you manage your household budget.
    • Help you manage your Direct Payments.
    • Tailor your service specific to your individual needs.

    About Appointree

    Appointree is an appointee and financial management advice and support service.

    We are committed to the empowerment of disabled people by ensuring their financial affairs are in order. We will support them to overcome financial barriers which prevent them from achieving their objectives or which limit their choice and prevent them from being in control of their own lives.

    Mission Statement

    Appointree "will always work to the best interests principle. We will assist disabled individuals with all aspects of financial decision making, allowing them to make informed choices where possible and be in control of their lives".

    Vision Statement

    "A society that is fully inclusive in which all the obstacles which prevent disabled people from having equality of opportinity have been removed".

    In providing services we support the following Principles:

    • Our services support disabled people to have increased choices, independence and control of their lives.
    • Our services are based on and are directed by the aims, objectives and needs identified by each disabled person.
    • Our services support the aim that all opportunities and facilities should be available to disabled people in the same way they are available to others.
    • Our services work to ensure that disabled people will not be excludes, segregated or discriminated against because of their impairment.

    Equal Opportunities Policy Statement

    Appointree recognises the diversity of society today and believes that no person should suffer oppression or lack of opportunity based on gender, race, colour, beliefs, religion, disability, sexuality, age, class, geographical location, health or employment status.

    Appointree is committed to equality of opportunity. We will take positive action in all areas of our work and structure in the implementation, monitoring and review of this Equal Opportunity Policy.